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ProGreen International/SPRINTURF is the only artificial turf company in North America producing 100% of our own products in our own manufacturing facilites! We also utilize cutting-edge polymers from DOW and EXXON. From resin pellet to finished synthetic grass, we provide the best economies of scale, quality assurance, logistics, and turnaround times.

ProGreen International has two North American, ISO 9001 Certified, state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Dadeville, AL and in Chatsworth, GA. The Dadeville facility extrudes the yarns that become the grass fibers. The Chatsworth, GA facility houses the tufting and coating operations. The Dadeville and Chatsworth facilities have provided yarn and finished turf products for over 1,500 fields and countless synthetic lawns around the world. We are the only synthetic grass company in the USA that handles everthing from raw materials all the way through installation. Additionally, we have the largest global synthetic grass dealer network in the industry.

8 year guarantee
Flame retardant
Tested for UV stablisation
Free Draining
Totally Lead Free
25 year life span

Progreen Licensed Installers

Our Professional licensed installers undergo a strict vetting system followed by full product & Installation training giving unrivalled service quality with a limited 8 year warranty backed by our 3rd party insurer.

For your peace of mind all our licensed installers are reviewed by You the customer with full visibility on our website.

Latest Products

Natural Real 80

Natural Real 80

Height: 1.75"
Face Weight: 75 ounces per square yard.
Backing: QuadriBIND™
Perforation: 3/16" hole on 2" x 2 1/8" centers.
Face Yarn Type: Polyethylene Blend Dual Yarn System.
Width: 15'

PG Augusta

PG Augusta

Height: 9/16" (+/- 1/8") Face Weight: 36 ounces per square yard.
Primary Backing: Dual Polypropylene.
Secondary Backing: Reinforced double backing.
Face Yarn Type: Twined Proprietary Polypropylene Blend.
Width: 15'

K9 Deluxe 60

K9 Deluxe 60

Height: 1.125"
Face Weight: 60 ounces per square yard.
Backing: QuadriBIND™
Perforation: Rapid Flow pattern for increased drainage performance has a rainfall capacity of up to 118.3 inches per minute per square yard!
Face Yarn Type: ProGreen Canine PE/Mono + Texturized PE Thatch.
Width: 15'

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ProGreen Synthetic Grass Miami

Congratulations to ProGreen Synthetic Grass Miami for being the certified ProGreen dealer of the month for July 2015. This is a well-deserved honor as our South Florida dealer is the epitome of ProGreen's high standards of excellence. Henry Negron and his team at GoForeverGreen Turf and Putting Greens strive for a level of perfection with every installation project, and they go the extra mile to make the artificial grass looks as natural as possible. From meticulously working around existing trees to ...

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