Installation Overview

Artificial Grass Installation Overview

Learn how to measure your yard for ProGreen Synthetic Grass

 Step 1

 Measure your yard with a 100 foot tape measure. Additionally, you can use an  aerial map application like google maps to determine how much turf you will  need. If you need assistance using google maps feel free to call us at 888-440-  7888.

Synthetic grass installation - step 2

 Step 2

 Clear all vegetation and debris. Add a base of crushed  rock and level it with a landscaping rake. Then spray  with water and compact the area with a water-filled  lawn roller.

Synthetic grass installation - step 3

 Step 3

 Unroll and lay out the  artificial grass, cut off the  ends, and line up edges. Then  fold back the pieces of turf,  roll out the seam tape in the  middle of the two pieces, and  apply adhesive. Next, roll  back one piece of turf onto  seam tape and then line up  other side and do the same.

Synthetic grass installation - step 4

 Step 4

 Use a stiff-bristled broom to make the grass fibers stand up, the grass fibers will  be lying down due to being transported in a roll.

Synthetic grass installation - step 5

 Step 5

 Use a broadcaster/spreader to add sand between the  grass fibers. A depth of approximately 1/2" to 3/4" is  recommended. Then brush again to get the sand down  to  the artificial grass backing and to make the grass  fibers  stand on end.

Synthetic grass installation - step 6

 Step 6

 Stake down the turf along the  perimeter every 3 feet or so.  If desired, add edging, rock  or other border.