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Earn LEED Points for Your Home or Building with Artificial Grass

A LEED certification is the highest level of achievement in the green building industry, and ProGreen Synthetic Grass™ helps your qualify.

Why would you want your home to be LEED certified? Primarily, because you want to ensure your home is healthy, safe and eco-friendly. Second, it increases your home value as well as makes it more marketable. Certified green homes are selling more quickly and for a higher price point than comparable non-green homes.

There are four different levels of LEED certification based on the number of points your home achieves, and ProGreen Synthetic Grass helps to accumulate these points by reducing overall irrigation demand on a property. You can find detailed information about the points awarded for water efficiency on the U.S. Green Building Council website.

LEED for Homes

More Green Information for Builders

When you hear the word synthetic, eco-friendly isn't exactly the first thing that comes to mind. Can artificial grass really be good for the environment? The answer is yes, and ProGreen™ offers the best value for green synthetic grass in the industry. Our triple-layered backings are formulated using natural, renewable resources that can be completely recyclable and will contribute to the U.S. Green Building Council's LEED point totals.

We also offer Organafill, ProGreen's™ proprietary blend of organic and inorganic material that is coated with an anti-microbial agent and meets both the health and safety standards for the industry. Organafill provides an environmentally-friendly, biologically-safe alternative to sand as an in-fill for synthetic turf. Every granule of Organafill is encapsulated with an effective, durable, non-chemical, EPA registered anti-microbial agent that prevents the growth of bacteria, fungi and mold.

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