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Southern California Rebates Get More Funding

Friday, 29th May 2015

Artificial grass is in high demand in California due to the tight water restrictions Governor Brown imposed earlier this year. In fact, it's a term that we have dubbed the "California Green Rush," and we use it to encourage homeowners to be careful of which contractors they hire. You want to make sure that you pick an installer that has experience and a long history of turf installation, and not one of these artificial grass "installers" who was selling phones a week ago and picked up turf installation to capitalize on the rise in demand. Of course, that is a discussion for a different day. What we want to talk about is rebates!

Turf Removal Rebates

One thing that has really helped drive the interest in artificial grass is the rebate programs. Local water authorities and the state have used turf removal rebates as an incentive to get residents to remove their water thirsty natural grass lawns, and they were so successful that funds ran dry almost immediately, especially in Southern California. To give you an idea of the new demand, take a look at these two facts that we found in an NBC San Diego article:

The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California currently has requests for 60,000 front yards.

The Santa Clara County Water District has already converted 1.2 million square feet of lawn in the first four months of 2015, more than all of 2014.

There is no denying the fact that the rebate programs are motivating homeowners to the make the switch. It drastically helps reduce the overall cost of turf installation, which is why we are so excited that the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California has received an additional $350 million to continue with water conservation programs.

Okay Southern California - no more delays! You want to be able to take advantage of the rebates before the funding is depleted. So, contact ProGreen to get started, and we will happily help you with the application process. Join the California Green Rush and make the switch to water-conserving artificial grass.

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