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Artificial Grass Tennis Courts

ProGreen Synthetic Grass as an alternative to clay or natural grass tennis courts.

A sand-filled ProGreen Synthetic Grass tennis court is a great all-weather alternative to clay or natural grass surfaces.

Unlike traditional tennis court surfaces that cause "foot-lock", our ProGreen Synthetic Grass tennis courts allow your feet to slightly slide when stopping and pivoting, similar to a natural grass court or a clay court. It's easy on the joints and will give you years of enjoyment!

ProGreen Synthetic Grass Tennis Courts 



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Artificial Grass Tennis Court Kits

Tennis Court

Mighty Blend Specifications

Height: 1.4"
Face Weight: 40 ounces per square yard.
Backing: QuadriBIND™ 4 Layer
Perforation: 3/16" hole on 2" x 2 1/8" centers.
Face Yarn Type: Polyethylene Blend - Sports Yarn
Width: 15'