With so many choices of synthetic turf available in the Bay Area today, you may not know what to look for in quality artificial turf. The following features of synthetic grass are the gauge to help you decide which is the best investment for your money.

  • Surface – The height, thickness, and color are a matter of preference for lawns. To achieve a natural-looking surface, choose a turf with de-lustered yarn which has less shine and sheen. For a surface that feels like real grass, select a product with super soft yarn technology. Another feature of a natural looking turf is the incorporation of thatch yarn, which provides color variation at a lower height using the same grade of de-lustered and super soft yarn technology in a lighter color.
  • Backing – For superior drainage, utilize ProGreen’s patent-pending ProFlow technology, a non-perforated backing that increases drainage efficiency by 100%. This allows water or pet urine to drain into the base rock below the artificial turf at a very high rate.
  • Warranty – Choose a product that has an eight-year manufacturer’s warranty that covers wear and fading.

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