ProGreen San Diego


At ProGreen Synthetic Turf – San Diego, we take pride in our turf.

All ProGreen turf is 100% made in America from start to finish. This is rare in the artificial turf industry because many other manufacturers cut corners in order to save money on production costs. This often leads to a turf product that contains unwanted additives like lead (among other chemicals).

Because we have complete control over our manufacturing processes and the materials used, we can ensure that our turf is the highest quality product and safest for your family and pets.

We manufacture turf for homeowners and businesses who are looking to drastically reduce the amount of maintenance and water needed to have a beautiful lawn. We also lead the industry in innovation with new products that meet the evolving demands of buyers, like pet-friendly turf, Cool Turf, and Dual Fiber Landscaping Turf.


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